Special Announcement

We hope this finds everyone well. As we finish week two and enter week 3 of the Covid-19 quarantine, we are becoming more aware of the needs and struggles of our students and families. It continues to be a stressful time for all doctors, nurses, students, and families as more people are getting sick, and there are no specific resources for these circumstances. However, if there are families that are in need and crisis. These are some resources numbers: PerformCare: 1-877-652-7624 (although Children's Mobile will not respond physically, they can access phone counseling...families must call personally)
2nd Floor Youth Help Line, but they also have text as an option)
Phone: 888-222-2228 
Text: Text "NJ" to @74174
New Jersey Mental Health: 1-866
-202-HELP (they offer tele-counseling)
Stay safe, everyone!!


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